Thursday, November 25, 2010

Continuous Writing (Final Examination of Form 4, 2010)

“Living in this world without friends is like a sunless garden”. That is what my friends say. “As we go on, we remember all the times we had together. And as our lives change, come whatever, we will still be friends forever”. That is was a singer sings. But for me, friends are like sun and moon that always brighten up your days. Just like the sun; sometimes, it’s hot but it’s good for you. No matter how hot it is, you still need it to go through your hard days. Just like the moon in the dark, lightens your way through the night.

Good friends are friends who always stay by your side not only through good days but also through bad days. They tell us things to do and things that we should be aware of. An advice form a friend is like a golden coin which is very precious. Even though it is hard for us to find true friends, but once you have found them, keep it safe. It is because friends are fragile. Easily broken but when you keep it safe, it’s go beautiful.

Friends are not only for fun. Build up a study group so that you and your friends can share different opinions together. The best time to study together is during weekends because more time can be spent for study rather than for fun. It is not wrong to have fun. You and your friends can have fun after finishing the homework such as playing badminton, playing scrabbles or even window shopping. It is surely going to be fun!

Anyone can fall and can hurt someone they love. Hearts will break for a silly mistake but it is not our job to punish our friends for their mistakes. They are human beings who deserve a second chance. However, rules are needed for second chance. First, to feel regret of the mistake done. Second, to stop repeating the same mistakes and the third rule is to let bygone be bygone.

Sharing and keeping secrets are one of the best parts in friendship. The things shared are sad and sometimes funny that make you and your friends laugh the entire day. Be a good listener to your friends because there are some secrets that are not suitable to be shared with family that they would like to share it with you. Never push them too much because they are also some secrets that they cannot share them with you.

Being friends with other are good but things that should be aware if is never offend your friends because once they are hurt, they heart is hard to recover. May we enjoy the moments that we have and will share with our friends.
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